Report Writing Tips for The Academic Purposes


Report writing is one of the often task of academic writing. The academic writing is seriously important for your education future since it always appears in every task need to do and the final assignment you must involve with. Writing a report in usual purposes such as casual news and something to write in your blog is completely different with the report writing for academic purposes. In order to meet the needs of academic purposes, you must be able to understand the academic formal language you must use. It may seem a difficult one if you are rarely practicing it or you have been trapped into the use of slang words so much times in a daily life.

The academic writing requires anti-plagiarism result. Report writing that you make, in this case must be proven as the original one. Consequently, if there is the same report content as yours, it is your responsibility to modify yours into different language delivery. Thus, It will be even better if you are adding some additional information to enhance the quality of your report and to make a contrast between yours and another. There are some tools online provided to detect the plagiarism work such as,, and many more.

IN order to complete the academic needs, your report must be delivered without unnecessary abbreviation word such as “don’t, doesn’t, It’ll, won’t”. The prohibition is also worked for the slank words like “wanna, gonna, gotcha” and so on. The use of these words are OK as long as you are writing the informal text or speaking directly to your friend. But it seems to be a big problem if you keep doing this here. It looks like a pretty simple case to avoid but in fact, many students fail to make it 100% in formal-academic language. Perhaps, they have been focalized with the slank word itself.

Knowing deeply your academic purpose writing will then deliver you to create the best report writing you have ever made. There are actually more things to consider such as formats, structure of the writing compositions (could be MLA or APA), the reference needed, revisions, and many more. But as long as you keep the good work into the track by giving your original work and stay formal in your writing style. The big problem will no longer arise in your academic history. Share this article if it is helpful!