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Can you solve your potty training seat problem only with seats and videos?

So it is not enough just to seats and video only to solve the problems of potty training. Seats and the video is only a means of support that are designed to


Potty training seats is a common problem these days is often used as a topic of discussion, especially among mothers who have children aged under five and who still can’t pee and poop themselves. Trivial issue but it is not just a trivial potty training problem if left alone and not addressed and overcome. Because in this case to talk about the habits and bad habits since childhood if not addressed it will be very dangerous because it will continue to be brought to large. Indeed perhaps the children would be able by itself if she grew up but during the trip phase toddlers up to the time he understands by itself will go through periods that might result in negative things like trauma because ridiculed friends, a lack of independence and spoiled attitude and there are still many negative things that other accompanying. Means of support to facilitate the potty training has indeed been created and promoted as a means of support that is very helpful. But on the other hand apart from seats and potty training video should be supported and are offset by several factors such as the role of support and help from those closest to the child in order to make everything run smoothly and without obstacles.



The role of the patience and persistence of parents as team mentors and teachers at home is very important. Participation and the existence of a parent can give mental support and encouragement of its own to a child. Made him more confident to learn something and with perseverance and patience of parents will make your child feel comfortable and able to enjoy the learning process. Children particularly those still in an early age carries the characteristics of plain and simple, everything he does is part of spontaneity herself without any cover-up so parents must be able to steer in the right direction, which is right and which one wrong. Therefore the guidance of parents in the learning process should start from an early age. It is very important to give a positive direction to the child until later in the day. When children are still under the age of five common problems that can arise for the small impact on the general environment one of which is the activity of pee and poop. There are negative effects brought about by the activity of pee and poop if not anticipated early when children begin to enter the age of five, which could result in the public accident. Which is can have negative impacts for both children and parents. Like a double-edged sword that affects two ways, so not only have a negative impact to the children but also to the parents as well. Because after all the children brought a picture of her parents. So it is not enough just to seats and video only to solve the problems of potty training. Seats and the video is only a means of support that are designed to assist and facilitate the training event pee and poop. Still requires the involvement and participation of parents and those closest to the child to move the two tools means that this remarkable discovery in order to function optimally and perfect. Everything has to be in balance and in line so that the goals you hope to achieve in a short time with implementations that are not too complicated and exhausting both the child separately and for you as a parent. Combine and convert all of it in a balanced way, guaranteed you certainly can and can achieve the goals that you expect. And you will be struck by the progress you and your child.