Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers

Effectively technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers

 so that you can show the best of your effectively technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers.


When we talk and discuss about the presentation, this will involve the audience. Technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers to be effective, in the sense that what we presented will be heard and read by the public. What we discuss and convey will not return to us with something that is empty or what would we say is not important and empty unnecessary to get attention. But certainly what we are going to be presented must contain something important and we expect the positive feedback from them. Whether the products we buy, whether we will get investors, whether our project will be approved and can be realized construction, etc . Many things we expect and of course all things and very positive feedback we expected. From this there are a few things that must be prepared carefully away the previous day. For you and your team circles moreover, certainly not just theoretical materials should be prepared. It concerned with the name of the product creation and this means it must be accompanied by an explanation in theory, lab testing, design and miniature / examples of products that are to be presented. The following detailed explanation and points that can be taken into consideration if you want to make the audience impressed, so that really be great moment and give positive feedback not return in vain and wasting your time.


Even though you are an engineers are more involved with matters relating to engineering and manufacturing practices device / equipment but in the case you should still be able to present a report that is really fill with easy explanation which is easily digested and accepted by all people, in the sense that your writing must be written and addressed to all people, can be understood by all people. The language you use should be easily understood by everyone, reduce or if necessary, do not use language-technical language but use common languages ​​easily understood by everyone. Your reports should prefer the ease of a hassle. Technically it is conceivable that what is created by engineers will have more contact with designs technically complex and will not be able to easily and quickly as lightning studied by a non-engineering. Craft techniques your report in a handout that you can share with the audience that will be present and listen. Make the key points you want to explain to facilitate you explain what things are important in the presentation and the product you create. To add to the positive feedback from the audience you need to include in your handout experiment lab notes, trip reports, proposals, status reports, report documenting site visits, meeting minutes and so on. Fill in your handout as complete as possible, it can add positive value.


As moderator you should be able to use presentation programs or facilities other technology to support your techniques. Because it can attract the attention of the audience. In this case it would be much better if you do and perform in a team so that no one can help you operate programs while you become a moderator / speaker. And if you do not really master the presentation program you can be assisted by your other team who master it so that you are not too tired and did not experience the high tension of having to handle and resolve everything themselves . Look for a team that really compact that can support you and have a skill that can really complement your shortcomings, so that you can show the best of your effectively technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers.