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Communication Skills and How to Improve It

These are how to improve your communication skills


Having lots of friends, colleagues and life in the large society needs some talents such as communication skills. This is of course in order to help you communicate with people around you. With such amazing kind of skills, of course, you have the ability to send the information throughout the world clearly, accurately just like what you intend to say. However, in order to have that capability, of course, it needs some kinds of ways to improve it.

From the different kinds of sources, they all agree that in order to improve the skill of how to communicate, then it should be learned because it is not come naturally. There are some ways to learn it they are such as follows:


  • Be a good Listener

Being a good listener give you more benefits than you can imagine. It is not only to help you improve your communication skills but more than that. You will also gain more and more respect from people and even gain more and more friends or colleagues.

When you become listen to someone of course you will try hard to understand what the person intends to tell you. In this case, you will learn about how he says it, what kind of nonverbal sign he uses, how he manage the tone or emotion in order for you to feel what he feels at the moment.

Besides, the person must be thrilled because he is heard and understood. This could give you the benefit of having the strong connection between you and the person who you are communicating with.

  • Be aware of nonverbal signal

As we all know, there are some ways to communicate with people around us. One of them is the nonverbal signal. This is not only for those who cannot speak or something but this is also used in order to support the kind of words you said to convince or to help you deliver the message you are trying to say.

Also, some people use this kind of nonverbal signal in order to hide something that you do not want others to know, only you and the person you intend to communicate with.

  • Control your emotion

Trying to manage or controlling your emotion can also help you with the communication. By doing so, of course, people will understand what you were saying also feel what you feel. This is one of the values of the communication.

  • Assert yourself

While having communication of course you should also think yourself as someone who also needs to share. It is because the mean of communication is to understand one another. Furthermore, you should value yourself which means to value your own opinion, learn how and when to say ‘no’, try to take the feedback positively. These are how to improve your communication skills.