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Simple Rituals to Start Your Great Essay Writing (You Probably Don’t Know)

If you are about to finish your essay writing right away, the you need is just start it now.

Essay writing task for some people looks scary. It may because the whole blank paper can be seen as large as big continent if you don’t know how to start. While the great essay can be obtained from a good beginning, you probably don’t even know how to start. The worst thing is you sometimes postpone to do it and say “I will do it when I have a good mood”, weather it is a good mood, inspiration, or whatever it is, people who is telling themselves like this most surely never do their task to write. Then, when the deadline comes closer and closer you are getting tired of waiting the inspiration comes.If you are in that situation, I did so in the past. But, it will only the history if you practice some tips I will give ahead

Most of people will wait for the inspiration and good mood, and I said “never!”. In fact, tomorrow never comes. If you are about to finish your essay writing right away, the you need is just start it now. If you have no inspiration, thought, or anything, try to sit in front of your laptop computer (which is still off), and move your fingers on the keyboard in a random touch. Type as fast as you can even without direction (this is just ritual anyway) Close your eyes and imagine you can write anything very fast, imagine that your mind has millions of inspiration so you are typing fast like this. This activity seamlessly develops your confidence to write anything in your laptop computer.

After getting the sense, it will be better if you start contact your friend, then make a competition or cooperation or it could even better to do both. By contacting your friends (who has the same essay task like you), you will realize that you are at the same boat with them. Go get some competition and brainstorm your ideas each other. For example, if you finish the essay first you will be treated some foods by your friend, and so on. This will not only help you motivated but also your friend.


Give a time for drafting and evaluating. Good essay writing start from good planning. In this case it is drafting try to spend ¼ of your essay making to draft what will you do. ½ time to write the whole essay, and another ¼ to evaluate it. Hope this article helpful.