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Business Letter Writing Tips for Engaging Proposal

finally give them an overview about your readiness to have such program you offer in your letter writing.



Engaging letter writing is very beneficial for your business proposal. The word “engaging” here means the writing result you give to another company is potentially gain a positive feedback. It could be the contract deals and other positive impacts. The making of business letter is sometimes confusing if you don’t know the proper diction and choosing the best engaging words to your letter. It even sounds silly when you are doing the writing in too formal language and sounds like a robot. In order to make your creation good enough to read and potentially gain a positive feedback, there are some tips to go with.


Starting the writing by introducing who you are and what your company is. Let them know what is your effort so far to develop your own business and company. Plus, it will be more attractive if you put some achievement you have gained previously to proof your commitment to work and show your company’s good attitude. Tell them in details but not too long. Nobody in this world likes reading too long documents and company profile. Just give them the brief and engaging opening about who you are actually. Don’t forget to put the complete address, phone number, and website if it is available for easy contact purpose.

After that, start to tell them in brief what situation you want to have with your target company. Let them know why you choose them. Explain the details about what benefit you may offer if you have been corporate with them and the benefit must be ultimately special. You have to explain what other companies can not do like yours if they approve your company purpose. Letter writing strategies to market your proposal in this part is crucial since it is the heart of your proposal. If needed, you can even explain why do you over a certain benefit to them. For example “The reason I split the profit into 50:50 is because…bla bla bla”. By giving that statement, your targeted company may think deeper that you really have reason to corporate with their company.


The last and the most important, tell them the benefit you can offer in a long period contract. Further your contract logically gives you more benefit, and so does your targeted company must be. By telling them what is your future plan if you are about going to the long period contract the what the benefits follow will finally give them an overview about your readiness to have such program you offer in your letter writing.