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Letter Writing Tips To Grab Apply A Great Job

For instance, you can be more confidence to write generally of yourself in the letter writing activity.


Letter writing for the job application is as crucial as your job interview. The letter you have to deliver must be free of false information and also clear overview of yourself into it. Sometimes, they even ask you to write the application using handwriting only to examine your psychology aspects using your handwriting. This article will provide you some new ways to develop eye-catching application letter to gain your dreamed job. However, writing is actually parts of an art. The art of composing language in a a perfect structure, so the reader can get easily what you want.


Before starting to write the application, I suggest you to collect some data required including your CV, list of experience, last education certificate, etc. It will give you some overview to write your application anyway. For instance, you can be more confidence to write generally of yourself in the letter writing activity. By collecting those data, you will also enable to understand how good is your qualification to apply the job you want, so you can now understand how big is the percentage you will be accepted.

If it looks like you have only small chance to be accepted in the job you want, then you must optimize the writing you do. First, remember to use solid formal language. So, using “Dear Sir” will better than using “Howdy” in the first line of your. Keep writing using a formal language and avoid to use unnecessary word like “I am very very excited to apply your job” must be written like “I am interested to apply the job because…”. Another example is never use the abbreviation word like “don’t, doesn’t, I’ll” and so on. And the last is to avoid the use of slank words such as wanna, gonna, gotcha, gotta, and others. By avoiding those criteria, you automatically put some professional touch to your application letter and make the boss think “Hmm… this one looks professional” and the rest will be on the interview itself.

Second, close your application letter using the engaging words. What I mean here is the significant words to stimulate the next action of the reader to contact you. Don’t simply close the letter with “Thanks for your attention, bye!”, it could be better if you use this “Thanks for reading my application, and hope to see your reply soon”. After doing all that stuff, evaluate the letter and ensure there is no miss typing and other small words missing in your letter writing