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3 Unique Rituals To Enhance Your Public Speaking

However, the real purpose for this ritual is actually you can get some overview of your appearance when doing a public speaking.


Public speaking is sometimes difficult to do if you don’t know the proper technique to overcome shyness in front of the public. But it is not all, even you have mastered the technique to do good creative writing, you may still have the shyness to tell what it is planned before in front of a lot of people. This article is purposed to overcome this situation both your shyness and also give you some professional appearance to your speaking activity you are afraid of.


First ritual, Let’s talk by yourself in front of the mirror. I can guess that most of you have already recognized this as one of the technique to enhance the confident to do public speaking. However, the real purpose for this ritual is actually you can get some overview of your appearance when doing a public speaking. Maybe, you are talking too plain, you are not smiling to the audience, or maybe you don’t have a perfect posture stand up properly so the sense of wise person is gone at the first glance. By doing this, hopefully you can correct some aspects you are weak in. Doing it many times will also give you a lot benefit since you can eliminate the unnecessary mistakes you always  do.

Second ritual, right before doing a public oration, you may do some small skipping jump and take a breath deeply, than push it through your mouth. This ritual will balancing your heartbeat with the situation. Your blood pressure, flow, and shyness level you got may decrease in a certain number. Doing this will also make your speech more natural and flow automatically as you want and as you planned. In another story, if you lose your confidence before speaking aloud in front of them, you may also lose what you have planned before, and it is bad for you.

Third ritual is improvisations. Improvisations sometimes happen in public speaking. In this case, you forget what you need to say or the time is still remain some minutes for you to tell something more. If you are afraid of this situation, just don’t panic. Just act if you actually know what you should say. Until you remember what you want to say, you can do some brainstorming with your audience. Besides it can live the discussion more, it will give you some time to think about the topic which is lost previously.