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Six public speaking tips



To speak in public and in front of a lot of people can say it is not easy, especially for beginners. Really need a lot of practice, confidence and determination unyielding. At the beginning of the trip trials speak in public will certainly face many obstacles, hindrances and not least the failure. And all the people and those who choose to succeed are those who remain keep fighting, keep practicing and do not choose to give up on the flop. We know there are many examples of successful leaders face failure many times. That made ​​them successful in the end because they learn from their failures and rose to become better

by not repeating the mistakes of the old and the same error. As well as a speaker in public, you need a workout. Take public speaking classes if you ever need to enhance your skills and try to learn some public speaking tips below in order to provide input and support for your practice and perform better:


1.       When you speak in public, try to make eye contact with the audience. It’s the same as you are waking the audience to pay attention to you. To make eye contact it also can make the audience feel like being included / invited to communicate two directions, not just one-sided from you.

2.       Note the position of your body posture, you should be able to display the posture graceful, robust and pleasing to the eye. It shows you a sense of confidence and can make the audience amazed just like you show the attractiveness of yourself and make the public spellbound.

3.       Your intonation when you speak should not flat, there must be ringing up and down indicating certain points that are important to note.

4.       Consider the appearance / dress you wear. Use formal attire if necessary complete with jacket and tie for men and suits for women. Arose as neat and as gracefully as possible, explored the allure of your costume as well as your hairstyle should be neat and pleasing to the eye.

5.       Speak with a relaxed attitude and tone if possible catapult some jokes or invite the audience to respond to your presentation with a question and answer session.

6.       Mastering stage where you speak, do not dwell stiff standing in one place but you can walk on the other side of the stage. And use hand movements when you deliver something to arouse the attention of the audience.

May some of the tips above can make your presentation event not stiff, bored and can be useful. Do not forget to prepare your presentation tools as well as good and as sophisticated as possible to provide additional appeal and allows the audience to listen to you. With this also can be easier to attract the attention of the audience.