Am I a boring person quiz ,a good presentation

Make a good presentation



Make a good presentation is a must for every speaker who really want to fight in this carrier or for any other purpose. Otherwise you will not stand last in your carrier or you will lose your contract. No one will interest moreover trust you to affect them. That's the consequences and I believe no one speaker want that happens in their carrier experience. It just like a nightmare that you will never can forget for the rest of your life and deep regret for sure.

Preparation and practice is the only way, the best way should do from every speaker for any purpose when you want to held the presentation. That's the best teacher to teach and makes you become a better speaker. Take some class and training will be a good effort to raise and give a good improvement to your skill. Make an interest presentation you need to be an interesting speaker too. Moreover if you can perform with unique style and something different, it will attract attention your audience. Make them want you and looking for your performance, anywhere you held your presentation they will come to listen. Evaluate your self every time you going to perform or after with this quiz “am I a boring person quiz”. It is really will much helpful for you to evaluate your performance. Are you already become a good speaker and affect your audience with your performance or not.


This quiz might help you to answer your question about your audience satisfaction too. Are they already satisfy with you or not. Your audience just come, listen until bored and going home without any new thought affect them and influence their mind or your performance had brought some changes to their thought, influence all aspect of their mind until they thinking again everything and every time about your performance and your speech which is had buried deep insight their mind and inspired them to whatever they do. If you can touch your audience and your performance stand last in their memory and inspired them, it means you already become a good speaker and you already make a good presentation. Deep impact had spread to your audience and for sure they will looked for you thus they will always come to your presentation. Everywhere you held show your performance they will be there and you don't have to worry no one coming to your performance. That's why you need to try this quiz and evaluate your performance and explore your skill.