Communication styles, communication techniques

Great presentation needs great communication styles and techniques



No one can deny that great presentation need great performance, which is it will remark from all aspect and the audience who's going to do that. So your performance will be pure assessed by audience. If they like it, it means your performance was good. If they leave it or they hate it, it means your performance was not good at all and can't grab their heart. So simple but it can be a dramatic experience to your carrier. I think that’s enough to make all speakers have to think and make some plan before held some presentation, just prevention rather than regretted and fix all mess it caused. How you can make it great, here some tips you can learn:

1.       Eye contact


When you perform you have to state your audience, keep your head up. That show a lot about self confidence and you ask them to involve with you. It’s about two way communication that will make your audience more interest and your presentation become alive.

2.       Body language

Make some move with your hands when you explain the topic and when you talk. And that will more interest than you have just standing rigid. That would be very boring and your audience will be so much lazy to listen to you.


3.       Master stage

Once you standing on the stage, you have to be master stage. If you need it, you can walk and move from your lectern. Walking near your audience and that will be much interest and awake your audience.

4.       Question and answer

Try to make question and ask your audience answer or your audience ask and you answer their question. That will make your presentation alive and interest.

5.       Tools preparation

For every presentation never forget to prepare presentation tools that just like your second weapon beside your performance.


With all of suggestion above I believe it will be much helpful and make your presentation much better. You just only to practice often so it can raise your communication style  and bring some new inspiring to your communication techniques. Try and apply it that will bring some good improvement to your communication styles. If you want to make your presentation become a great moment try to practice a lot and applied all the suggestion above. You can make your own creativity to make some improvement and inspiring your performance. Make it great before perform, that will much helpful and give you a great presentation.