Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers

Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers to Win Clients

 you may learn and improve technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers.

Basically, technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers not quite different to general report.  These outlines below are the commonly accepted format for a technical report.


Today, the term ‘technical’ refers to knowledge that is not widespread, that is more the territory of expert and specialist but one of the challenges in writing about highly technical subject is to do so in a way that non specialist could understand too.  Good technical reports can serve the purpose of effective communications, motivating the implementation of recommended actions and gaining the respect of the institution.  As many professionals including those in engineering lack confidence in their report writing skills you may learn and improve technical report writing and presentation skills for engineers.  By having those skills, as engineer you will not be feel that your credibility suffers because your reports are not a fair reflection of your expertise.


Technical report writing skills outline:

You must identify the readership and the objectives of the report.

Consider to use of active verbs rather than passive verbs and keep writing clearly and unambiguously.

Keep information specific rather than general.  To get maximum impact you should structuring the data in easiest logical order.  Revising and thoroughly checking the document then also edit wordy phrases; appreciate using simple words rather than complex ones.  Keep technical terms to a minimum and avoiding jargon, acronyms and abbreviations.  Use examples and illustrations because engineering case is not always the client’s daily case so appropriate analogies could be effective.  Transferring technical information into graphs, flowchart and tables really help readers to understand your ideas because it is often the case that technical information is most concisely and clearly conveyed by means other than words.  Imagine how you would describe an electrical circuit layout using words rather than a circuit diagram.


Technical presentation skills

Learn how to deliver a two-minute impromptu talk to open your oral presentation.

Translate technical document into compelling oral presentation since your designate client is not always in the same expertise field of you.  Use good layout to draw attention to key technical information.  Make effective use of visual aids like power point and flipcharts.  Besides supporting your presentation it can attract the audience’s attention to get focus again.

Respond effectively to questions and objections from your audience.



Be convincing that having those skills and confidence in delivering your technical report lead you to win your clients!