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How to write a letter into formal letter


How to write a letter, let’s us start from that point of view before we go through to the next subject that we going to discuss in this article. Of course it's not difficult and everyone knows how to do it. Even without thinking you can do it, just let it flow through from your heart and mind what you want to explain or write down so others can understand you better. It just like another better way out for good communication and break the walls between that stop you to go through.

What about if we need it for our business or carrier, can we do that? Yes, of course it's similar like when we doing it for our private purpose. Only need a little effort to make it perfect to become a professional communication. Here some suggestion how to write a formal letter:


1.       Formal setting

There’s some setting that should be considered and some point that should be applied in the business letter such as date, number of letter, subject, receiver, content and sender. All of that should be included and applied in any business and professional letter. All of that point very useful for Administration and information too. From that information will give some information such as when it happens, for what purpose the letter had been made and sent, who is the receiver and who is the sender so one day if we need to review about that matter so it won’t be difficult to make a bridge so your communication will be smooth and won’t be lost track.

Although you have to replace or change the personal who going to continue and communicate that problem it would be make any difficulties anymore. Only by read and learn from the email and the communication that already connect since beginning and all the things that had been discuss your new personal will got the point of view and won’t be hard to continue and make a bridge of communication that should be make to solve it.

2.       Content setting

How you make the content almost the same like when you written down for your private purpose. It just you have to make the word and sentences into a formal and as professional as you could. You can’t use your daily and friendly conversation because in this case we drawn into a professional business which is there’s so many people had different habits, culture and the way they communication. All of it just to avoid miss understanding because of wrong word and wrong interpretations.


For the detail and clear picture about all explanation above you can try to learn and browse and find the template / examples how to make the setting. So you can be more clearly and try to explore it by yourself.