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Find best format for your letter formats



Through all the facility and high technology lately there’s so many option you van choose as your letter formats. The only thing you can do is just find the best one suitable with your style and company performance. No matter what you choose become your letter format that would be fine, just find the best one that you will adopt to be one of your company correspondent style. But if one day you / your company prefer to do some changes that would be fine too, no one will be prohibited as long as your choice is the standard professional setting.

What exactly your main basis and consideration that setting will become your choice?

Here some points you need to considered and absolute should be used and applied in every business letter such as date, number of letter, subject, recipients, content and sender. All that points above should be exist and applied in any setting of your correspondent. About the position you can see and learn the style through internet, some books which is discuss about this or any other facility. Basically the settings you can change are the position of the points above and some technical type style. But there’s a few points too that you can’t change such as content. In every style you choose the position of the content will be in the same position.


But for the date, you can choose many styles. You can put it above before number of letter, after number of letter, parallel with number of letter or on the bottom between content and sender. About put it parallel with number of letter usually the number of letter in the left side and the date at the right side. Another point that you can change the positions such as sender, you can put the sender on the bottom under the contents at the left side or at the right side. And for some clear perspectives thus give you imagination about the setting explain above, you can browse and see through the templates examples about business correspondent. That will be much helpful to explore your imagination and build your creativity. You can learn it and become expert in this case so it will help you out with your business communication. Much learning and practise will give you many advantages if you have an activity which is involved with all of correspondent stuff. So there would be no useless for you to learn and explore it. All of that will give you positive feedback and some good impact.