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Some tips for new presentation ideas



For all of you who lived and work with presentation, sometimes you must be got confuse and stuck situation at the end f the day. Feel bored, exhausted moreover blank have no idea at all. This is not the situation that happened for speaker only almost everyone got the feeling of bored and stuck at the end of the day. This situation mostly happens to the people who’s almost everyday face the same situation and the same job. Don’t let yourself drawn to this situation, you must build your own new Presentation ideas to make your audience always got something new and fresh from you. For this case of course if you already stuck and getting tired, you will need some encourage and presentation tips from others. You can get all of that from many facilities and media that publish lately. Many suggestions like fresh air to rebuild your carrier and activity like new again. Don’t be hesitated to get it from others although you already become an expertise and have a famous name. Sometimes you will need others to encourage thus give you a new idea to make you running faster again and refresh your mind what you should give to your audience. Learn about making jokes can be a good idea too, that will make your moment alive. Make some two ways communications like as question and answer that will be helpful to make it alive too.

You will never know what will come up from question and answer from your audience, it can be double impact too. Not only your audience will be fresh but you will refresh too. Like awake your soul and mind because there will be many question comes out and make a different situation. And the answer from your audience could be out of your mind too that might help you to give a new reference too.


Many things you can get from this simple and unpredictable idea. The reaction from the audience can give you a different impact too. Moreover that reaction sometimes can spread to others and give a difference influence make everyone involved and suddenly awake every mind who coming and make the situation alive. That’s why when your spirit getting low and bored, I think its time for you to wake up and get some new style to refresh everything and make a different environment to you and everyone whom will come to listen to you.