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Public speaking and anxiety



Become public speaking is a great expression that everyone loved and looking for. Mostly people like to become famous and well known by public. That’s normal willing that can have everyone. But the fact that’s not always easy to become well known and standing in front of many people which is everyone stared at you. It can cause public speaking anxiety and not all of the people can handle it. Some of them gave up before they fight and become speaker in front of other s because they can’t handle their nervous and fear. Although all the theory and handout already pack and set into a great presentation but sometimes that’s not help at all moreover there’s so many big question come inside mind and give negative influence. Some negative question whisper in mind and make nervous become worst. Really didn’t help at all!


Usually all of this question suddenly comes up in mind :

“ Can I do this ? “

“ What if I can't answer their question ? “

“ what if suddenly I forget what I had to explain in front of audience ? “  

And many others question comes up in mind and makes the whole world ruin into pieces.  But why there’s others people can handle the situation and become a great thus success speaker? How do they survive?

The only key to survived and success is by practice a lot and being struggle in every situation and circumstances. Never gave up easily. There’s no reason for people easy to give up, moreover if that’s because of others opinion and judgement that they throw to us. Just keep going and make it better and better.

How to make it better and better?

There’s no other recipe unless get into experience, dare to challenge the experience. It could be fail, yes of course but don’t gave up. Do it again and got a new experience again until you know what’s your weakness and your strength. By knowing your weakness you can learn how to reduce it and make it become a new positive performance and raise your strength. Keep on going and continue struggle by practice a lot and take a lot of experience. Day by day you will realize that some good improvement already belong to you and applied in every performance. That will be out of your expectation. One day you will realize that you already become expertise. If you serious to become speaker, you should take practice seriously so you will get your success.