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Turn anxiety into public speaking supporter


Public speaking anxiety is a great feeling that will always come by when you going to perform in some presentation. Is it normal? Yes, of course. Even a great speaker had the same experience and moment. It comes by to all people without choosing which person whether a famous and expert people or they just a common people. And that’s good feeling if you can compromise and know how to handle it. That’s not a negative behavior, if you can turn it into positive vibrate and compromise with this, it can be very helpful for your public speaking carrier. Most of people thought this is a negative feeling that can ruin them into pieces. But the fact it's like an alarm for you just to remind you for the thing you should do and prepare for all your presentation.

So how you reduce this feeling?



The only way to reduce it with practice and prepare everything as best as you can. All the theory and hand out that should be prepared and give to the audience prepare it the best you can. And after all of that stuff make some practice to reduce your tense and nervous. By memorizing your theory that you will represent it can be one of your effort to reduce your nervous. Try to practice with some small audience before you go through and fight with the bigger audience. Learn everything about the audience reaction and be self confidence by give some eye contact to them. That will much helpful to reduce your tense. Make the situation familiar and friendly with your performance and personality. Be yourself and explore all your creativity and talent. Don’t follow or act like other people who already well known and famous just because of their performance. Take the good things from them, only the positive performance that might can help you to raise your performance but don’t be like them, keep on your track and be yourself. Take control and learn how to manipulate your anxiety into a good and positive vibrate that will turn into a good speaker thus skillful. Handle yourself and your mind that’s the important things to achieve good improvement and performance. Learn and control the situation at your presentation moment so you will not lose your track and attack by nervous feeling, by practicing a lot and do some trial error to make you familiar and friendly with the situation.