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How you build skills of manager



How to manage your skills of manager and to be manager? ( paket SEO )

Here some tips that might he’ll you to build your skills of manager:

1.       Sense of manage

All manager must have a good sense of manage and skills of manager, mostly manage all things around, inside and all related with the area department are handled. That’s very important to keep everything tidy and set in the right place. Reduce moreover avoid lost important information related to departments are handled. Through manage everything that shows professionalism and integrity too which is responsibility as a widely most important point.


Sense of manage include such as: manages of time, manages of document, manages of people, managed of environment related. All of that specific must be handles and manage by manager then you can be a good manager that skillful and professional.


Disciplines but sensitive

To be managers someone should be disciplines, straight by the rules and able to stand being examples in two ways point of view whether as a subordinate and leader. No matter what the rules should be enforced. Regardless of the rules and discipline should still be enforced. Of course all of that should be applied in a good way and communications. Points of rule and disciplines should be announce and communicate to all the people related in the area department are handled but in sensitive way too. Meaning is all that rule and discipline should see from the basis too why that person break the rule. There should be an exception for law enforcement such as sick, death, other force major, accident, etc.

3.       Personality being managers

Show a good personality and character as managers that would be a good, positive point and support your skills of a manager. As manager you must have character of gently but firmly, has a good reputation in the community, loyal to the company and its associated regulations, honest and has a vision far ahead. paket seo


All of point above will be not easy to adopt but it has to learn step by step if you need a good improvement as a leader.