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Swept away bad communication skills and run for good achievement



Every speaker no matter who you are since you decide to choose this carrier you must have capability as a speaker which is no more bad communication skills. That will give a negative impact to you and your carrier as a speaker. There are so many scope that can be said as a bad communication skills and now in this moment we will discuss it what and how it can be give a bad affect and negative feedback to you if you not fix it as soon as possible and change your performance immediately. You will make your audience disappointed by your performance. Moreover your carrier won’t be last long if you didn’t change and take action to fix and refresh it with something new.


A few thing you that should be avoid if you are a speaker and you can say it as a bad communication skills:

1.       Unsuitable dress code / untidy appearance

Your appearance will take place at number one as speaker value. Because you will stand in front of a lot people / audience which is they will stared at you since the beginning of your presentation until you finish explain everything you want. And that will be so much awful and uncomfortable for your audience if you allowed yourself to wear unsuitable dress code / untidy appearance.

2.       Not self confidence

Everyone mostly speaker must have self confidence because there are no reason for someone not self confidence with their selves. Take some soft skill training if you realize there’s a problem with this before you decide to be a public speaking.

3.       Stage nervous and anxiety out of control

Anxiety is a normal feeling for everyone who will held presentation and become a speaker but if this feeling become out of control and cover all your performance until you can’t control yourself then you will become a worst speaker. Get some help, reduce it and take control of yourself by follow some course that can help you to handle it and turn it into a positive feedback.

4.       Low voice and intonation

Become a speaker you have to able to explore your voice and intonation. So you can handle the situation and become a master stage. If you perform with low voice and bad intonation so you will ruin your own performance and can’t get your audience attention.


All of point above that would be better if you never bring it when you held your performance. Better fix it before you standing in front of your audience if you have a problem with one of those things.

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