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Effective communication develop performance in the workplace



How to develop effective communication in the workplace?

Every leader in the workplace always have this question in their head, it's very important and will be very function able to have an effective communication. Because in every aspect will be need and it could be solve many problem that might be show up. So, how exactly to developed it? To reach at this point of course effective communication skills need to be achieved. Do some practices and technical lesson are the only way out to rise up the capability and explore creativity. Psychologically all of this can be work easily if there is two ways communication between leader and subordinate.

As the leader you not only capable to be arrogant and strength but the leader must have a kind heart who can understand and listen to the subordinate. Never underestimate but moreover can rise up their self confidence and have a strong minded to direct the subordinate to follow and respect to all the policy within organization / company. So everything can work well not only they obey the policy and rule but moreover work together with the leader and the other person who work together with them. All the rule and policy in the organization would be better if it can be communicate with all the people involved in the company / organization, explain the reason why it has to achieved and applied, what the reward and punishment if they obey and apply it or if they disobeyed. What the positive and negative that will be granted for company / organization and for them. And all that things will be much helpful and avoid chaos if the leader as represent the company / organization can communicate this with all the people involved before applied it and make an announcement about new regulation.


Make some intensive meeting not only discuss about the company / organization and all the issue around but try to make some relax meeting which is discuss heart to heart share some easy stuff related their belonging etc. Beside it can make them feel belong each other and to the company / organization as a wide scope, from their sharing it can be used as evaluation for the company / organization also. Usually everything will work out smooth and more effective if relationship work well and close, which is there’s belonging feeling between that cover up in the relationship. So try to figure out and apply it then you will see the result how fast and easy everything works in the right place.